Multi-dose Pill Packing

Many of our patients take several different prescribed medications along with vitamins on a daily basis. Sorting through these pills is time consuming and overwhelming. With the Pre-Pour Concierge Program, you no longer have to bother with multiple vials or try to figure out which medications to take and when…Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will pre-package all of your medications for you. The pills are packed in one customized, calendar style, disposable punch card which is color-coded, has easy-to-read labels and very easy-to-open. Medications are clearly organized by date and time. Package is securely sealed to prevent loss and damage of your medication. Easy-to-follow format provides visual enhancement of doctor’s written instructions and helps to reduce many errors. The package replaces the old-fashion plastic weekly pill box, that is difficult to keep clean, hard to open and often causes the drop and spill of the medicine on the floor.

For patients and caregivers alike, our Pre-Pour Concierge Program eliminates the confusion and stress of trying to figure out if the correct medications have been taken at the correct times. Avoid the danger of double dosing or missed doses.

We offer the Pre-Pour Concierge Program at no additional cost. Our licensed pharmacist will work with your doctors and verify medications and instructions before dispensing. We will deliver your Pre-pour packages on scheduled days for free. If you or your loved ones will benefit from this program please contact us.