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About Downtown Pharmacy

Welcome to Downtown Pharmacy, with locations throughout New York City. We have been serving patients for more than 15 years. We are an independent, locally-owned retail establishment that provides pharmaceutical services to the general public as well as concierge services to major Financial Institutions in the New York and New Jersey City Areas.

At Downtown Pharmacy, we strive to provide an array of services in order to bring you the best prices as well as safe, reliable and expedient assistance. We, better than anyone, understand the existing and latent needs and demands of our clientele as well as the potential of this neighborhood as a whole.

Downtown Pharmacy employs licensed and highly knowledgeable pharmacists who are always available for consultations realizing that each patient is unique with distinct circumstances and needs. Many of our employees are veteran workers from within our neighborhood.

Downtown Pharmacy is a well-known and trusted vendor for many Fortune 500 firms, banks, and investing institutions, extending our effort to provide their employees with quality healthcare options. Our commitment to deliver most Rx medications as well as any over-the-counter products within two hours of receiving the order sets us apart from the competition. Downtown Pharmacy also services Nursing homes, Assisted Living and Adult Daycare facilities.

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At Downtown Pharmacy, we are aware of the latest in medical innovations and attempt to educate our consumers accordingly. Our establishments are also equipped to meet your pet’s needs, including filling their prescriptions. We strongly believe in the balance of science with nature and therefore carry a wide selection of vitamin supplements, holistic alternatives, cosmetics, and natural beauty aids.

At Downtown Pharmacy, your health is our top priority. We can take care of all of your prescription needs. We are proud to announce our RX Pre-Pour Concierge Program that we designed to help you stay on top of your drug regimen.

This program eliminates the stress and confusion of multiple medications - all at no additional cost to the patient or healthcare companies.

To enroll in the Rx Pre-Pour Concierge Program, please email us or call us at 212-233-0333. We can begin pre-package your medications today.

Again, welcome and thank you for choosing and trusting Downtown Pharmacy to take care of you and your family.

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